Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Off to a Good Start

Nine had an injury on his coronet band last year, around the end of August, so he was put on stall rest and our progress predictably stalled. Then I was in school, and when I got out for Winter Break, so did Elayne. BUT - now E is back in preschool and I don't go back until the 17th! So today I worked with Nine for just a little while in the afternoon, when it was finally warm enough. My plan was to groom him, get the burrs out of his mane and tail, and maybe lunge him a bit to get his wiggles out. Well he was doing so well I saddled him up and lunged him like that, and he was STILL being great, so I got my foot in the stirrup. He was okay, So I hopped up - that made him spook a little, but my fear didn't even show its' face, so I just got his feet moving again, tried again, and so on for a few tries, and then he let me stand in the stirrup without moving his feet. My mother in law was watching, so I figured I would be safe enough to get on. So next try, up I went, all the way over and into the saddle. I just rode him at a walk in a small area, but by golly, he was PERFECT! Last ride last year he had just gotten over spooking when I mounted and dismounted, and this ride was an improvement even over that (if you disregard the refresher session beforehand). AND, he was going in just a halter, no bit. I am going to keep him going like that now; he's figured out the cues with the bit so why not? He still doesn't like to stand still, but he will figure it out in no time. His responsiveness amazes me - after 4 months off, I had no idea that a green horse would remember so much (read: everything) and actually be better! I am so in love with that boy. He's staying with me for a long, long time.

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