Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nine's Progress

Since my last post, I have ridden Nine three more times, all out in the open. Kate and I trailered to the same spot and rode home from there. Nine didn't buck or bolt and was pretty much an angel. The next day we rode out from the house. Nine was good until I asked him to trot in a large circle. He tested me and tried to bolt, but I wouldn't let him and he bucked instead. I came off, but I held tight to the lead rope and he stopped. I have to resaddle him because the lead ended up UNDER the saddle, but after that we was fine.

Then he had a few days off, until today my mom and I rode again. We went out from the house and didn't go far. Nine was very hyper, however, and bolted - twice - when I asked him to trot. But this time I let him go for a few strides before I very firmly but steadily asked - no, told - him to slow down and turn. I think he's figured it out! Riding = pleasure! Below is a good picture my mom took today. See my Facebook for a video.