Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pictures, Finally!

So I took these pictures of the horse trailer like a week and a half ago but didn't get them on the computer until the other day and now I have finally remembered that I still need to post them! So here they are:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Horse Trailer

So I impulsively bought a horse trailer! It was at a yard sale - the guy is moving to Phoenix and wanted to get rid of most of his stuff. I also bought a pack saddle with panniers and pad and all the rigging and such for just $75!

So the trailer - it's a 1990 Delta, a stock trailer that can fit three or maybe four horses. It has a nice roomy tack room - no saddle rack, but several bridle hooks and like I said lots of room. It's a bit heavy for my dad's old truck but he says it can haul two horses in there alright. The trailer was just $850, which really is quite a good deal! I'm pretty broke now, but we've worked it all out and we can make it through this semester. My dad is going to give me money for the pack saddle which will pay for gas this whole month; of course then the saddle will be his, not mine, but that's fine.

I will get pictures this afternoon and stuff. I also bought saddle soap to clean the pack saddle, and a hoof knife and gloves and things to trim Nine's feet, so that's a high priority too.