Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting Back in Business

Yesterday and today I worked with Nine. I almost got on him both days, too. Yesterday I was really close, but decided he had come really far, and I didn't have time to start over if something went wrong when I was on him. So I unsaddled him and called it a day. He deserved it; he was standing still for me while I put my foot in the stirrup and all that stuff.

Today I just had too many people standing around making me nervous, and Miss Toddler started a tantrum which put me in the wrong mood for working with unbroke horses. SO I called it a day again and e-mailed the trainer I have been in contact with. My mom said she could "donate" $50 to the cause if the trainer will put two rides on Nine. We will see how that goes.

In other news, Hammar bows like a pro now, and I am working on getting him to stay down so I can eventually get on while he's down. A neat trick, but not really necessary. I can vault onto Hammar no problem. But now I know how to teach that to a horse and can start Nine on it some day! Ashley tossed my mother in law when Ash kicked at me and Hammar zooming by the other day, but everyone is okay. It was interesting to see a sign of life from the mare. I want to say "old girl", but she's only 9 this year. Hammar is the oldest horse at 12, and Nine is a 4 year old now. Speaking of Nine, his scars from jumping the fence are quickly vanishing and he's still perfectly sound.