Sunday, March 21, 2010

I rode Nine!

This will be short, but in a nutshell - Yesterday we ponied Nine about 9 miles, with me on him. This did wonders for my confidence! Today I rode Nine alone, in the large pen (because I don't have an arena). It was only 20 minutes or so, but it was great. I would love to say that I will ride him tomorrow outside the pen after I get out of class, but I would be lying. You see, I hopped on Hammer to chase some frisky donkeys back into the pen, and didn't realize how frisky he was himself. He tossed me, not once, but twice! Well geez, now my ankle is sprained.


Karen C. said...

Girl, you make me wish I was young again! You get your butt thrown, you suck it up and get back on. Maybe not today...but you do it! A friend and I were talking about what is different between now and when we were younger. I said when I was young I didn't think I could get thrown off a horse, and when I did, I didn't think it could happen twice! So I never worried about I worry about it hurting more!

Great job with Nine...I am so glad he is with you and you are taking the time it takes. It all comes back to it not being a race, and they all are not 90 day horses.

Hugs to you and the family!
Karen and Tripp

Christina de Pinet said...


Thanks so much for understanding! You always are able to make me feel validated :P Nine is doing really well, even though his rides are few and far between. But summer is well on its way and he will be a great saddle horse in no time! There is an annual day-long trail ride here every Labor Day weekend. It goes about 20 miles but the pace varies enough that slower horses do just fine. My goal is to have Nine do that ride under saddle this year. Maybe not with me, because if I can I will ride Hammer :P But if I can get my mother in law or Paul on him for that 20 miles, he will never have any trouble again. So I have almost all summer to get him going really well and then get him going really well for other people :P

Nine is bigger than Hammer and also more level-headed, so I want Nine to be the horse that anyone can ride. Hammer, the tiny little thing, is too spirited for many people and really does need an experiences and smaller rider, which means I am the only one who can ride him for long periods of time :P So if Hammer goes on the trail ride, it's either as a pack horse (which we won't need but it will get him out and exercised) or with me on him (which means I can't ride Nine as well). We will see what happens. That's my goal, anyways.